lunedì 24 giugno 2013

I am an Architect

Sapersi prendere in giro è sicuramente un bene e questo video a me ha strappato più di un sorriso anche se è molto orientato verso i nostri colleghi d'oltreoceano; vi consiglio comunque di guardarlo.
Di seguito il testo della canzone.

I picture Frank Lloyd Wright when you think I’m might brainy,

As engineer develops or workers can call it crazy,
We got rounded specs but they ain’t for a look,
It’s from staring at our screens and all those history books,
We turn an empty space into a world of possibilities,
Maintaining privacy and tranquility,
Graduate from school about to change the world But,
I’m stuck inside the throat with the clockwise swirl.
oh ! We ‘re creativing PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect),
We’re designing the world From buildings to chairs,
It’s deadly blind But we love what we do,
A satisfy job Giving you a better view.
Making models out of paper and bottle caps,
Master the BIM(Building Information Modeling) making lines with dashes,
Except I lose my mind if Revit crashes,
Green is Gold and LEED is big,
Know the golden triangle and learn your trick,
Challenge the formula Push the envelope,
More glazing over here that looks really dope.

We’re architects,
Albert (Kahn ?) and Eller (?) are king of scraps,

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